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Non Player Characters (NPC)
NPCs are essential to any LARP. Without the assistance of NPCs that are not permanent staff members of a game, a game can be hindered in many ways. To clarify the needs of Knight Blades regarding NPCs, the following policy has been created.

Anyone wishing to NPC our game must adhere to the age policy previously posted on these forums. They must also have complete waivers signed prior to entering the game. They will be given an NPC meeting prior to entering the game explaining our expectations. To assure they have a firm grasp of our rule system and can combat safely, we will assess their level of LARP experience. With this process, we will be able to cater roles/monsters to them that will help them grow in their knowledge and abilities. They will fall under direct supervision of our NPC Coordinator and/or their designee.

NPCs will be required to wear all black clothing and dark colored footwear. If they have personal costuming, they may bring it along, but be prepared to mainly be in the black clothing. Before they can go into game, with any costuming they may have put on for a role, they must be checked by Aesthetics to make sure they are in compliance with the costuming of our Monster Manual. If they have personal boffer weapons, they may bring those too, but no weapon shall enter game until it has been checked for safety by a Staff member we designate to inspect weapons.

NPCing is not to be taken lightly at Knight Blades. We must all work together to ensure an entertaining and safe event for all in attendance. You are the setting. You are the world's representatives in living (or undead) form. You can personally make the moments a Player will never forget. You represent the staff and it will reflect upon the game to others. NPCing has many personal rewarding moments as well, but only you can make those happen. We will be there to guide you and work right alongside you each step of the way.

Any person that NPCs our game will receive full Character Points(CP) that a player can obtain by registering, playing and completing an ESS. That is currently 20CP. Staying to help us clean up after an event will get you an additional 5CP. Our need is for those that can stay and assist for the entire event through clean-up, but we understand some people NPC because they cannot commit to the entire event. If you know you can only NPC for a portion of the event, we ask that you advise us ahead of time so we can schedule accordingly. Any NPC that attends and devotes their time for the majority of the event will get 1 Mastery Point.

In addition to the points we grant for NPCing, we have several NPC exchange agreements with other quality LARPs. So, NPCing for our game will earn you points for characters in their game and vice versa.
Are there any policies involving an NPC shift?
My apologies if that was already covered. I tend to miss things while reading.
What's the food situation for NPC's?

"What am I? I'm a Berwyn."
You have to pay for a meal plan just like the players do if Im not mistaken.
 Kora Jindo
of House  KHAN

Yes, unfortunately we do not provide meals. But YOC provides excellent ones for a reasonable price.
Knight Blades Game Master

“Did you read the rulebook?”
Excellent. Thanks.

"What am I? I'm a Berwyn."
We're not doing shifts at this time. There will be a follow-up to this policy soon, I just wanted to get out the bare minimum in time for the event.
(03-10-2016, 01:28 AM)Davis Wrote: We're not doing shifts at this time.  There will be a follow-up to this policy soon, I just wanted to get out the bare minimum in time for the event.

I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but do the black clothes have to be period accurate or could someone wear a plain all black shirt and black jeans with black work boots ?
traditionally it's a black sweatshirt with no decals or pictures of any kind (plain) and plain black sweatpants (I say traditionally because it will be cold this weekend and sweatstuff is perfect for cold weather.I like to think of NPC's as a blank canvas, wear all solid black clothes and then you add costumes on top of it to make a npc character.
 Kora Jindo
of House  KHAN


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